छह यार, एक प्यार

छह यार एक प्यार
सबका साथ है भरमार

यार मेरे टेढ़े मेढ़े
प्यार मेरा उनका उस्ताद !

यार भले कम रखती हूं
लेकिन लाजवाब रखती हूं !

Everyday Tales 🎯

Everyday is a good day to have a good day.

Everything can be a good thing if done right.

Everybody is a genius in their area of interest.

Everyplace can be a memorable one if enjoyed with the right bunch of people.

Every night is a good night if you have a roof over your head.

Ankaha Sach 💭

Waqt badla
Dost badle..

Aaj jin dosto k Bina jeena mushkil lagta hai..
Kal vo dost tumhare Jeevan ka bas hissa ban ke reh jaaenge..

Aaj bhi yaad hai mujhe vo raat
Vo raat
Jab khud par kaabo nahi tha Mera
Jab sab garwale dar Gaye the dekh muje
Jab Dawaiya or injection hi the saath mere
Jab sab khatam hone ka ehsaas hone laga muje..

Aankh khuli subh…toh paya ek sache dost ko udhar
Vo dost Jo shayad aaj mujse utni baat nahi Karti
Vo dost Jo shayad aaj Kewal Facebook friend reh gayi hai
Vo dost Jo shayad aaj mere jigriyo ki jagah Nahi le paaegi

Par Hamesha yaad rahegi muje meri vo Dost..
Hamesha yaad rahegi kis tarah exam se pehle vo mere saath thi, Mera haath pakde..
Hamesha yaad rahegi uski baatein jinse muje himmat Mili..
Hamesha yaad rahegi kis tarah jab hikoi na tha vo thi mere saath..
Hamesha yaad rahegi uski vo hassi, jise dekh koi bhi muskura jaaye..

Hamesha Yaad rahegi
Hamesha Yaad rahegi ❣️

Strange but True ❣️

Have you ever met a selfless person?

You might think really hard to get an answer for it because in this world it is very difficult to find one.
We all have one in our lives which we tend to ignore..OUR MOTHER !

She is the one who wakes before all of us
She is the one who makes sure we have had our food
She is the one who sacrifices her interests and dreams and makes sure we fulfill ours
She is the one who stays up all night when you get sick
She is the one who is constantly worried about your whereabouts
She is the one who manages everything so perfectly that we forget what will happen if she’s not there.

Mothers are the best gift god ever gave us. But in the process of our daily life we forget to mention her special place in our life.

Do Value and Respect them.


Sometimes those Random confessions from someone can mean so much that you actually realise in that very moment that life is beautiful.

It take a lot of guts to confess things. You don’t know how the other person is going to react, you don’t know that will you be able to use the correct words, you are very uncertain at that moment.

But keeping things in your heart can make you regret later. It’s better to let out what you feel. It’s better to talk your heart out. It’s better to let others listen to you and every word you speak. It’s better to make others feel special.

Confessions are hard to make but when they are for your good you just love to listen them.

I recently encountered a confession and the feeling which it gave me is inexpressible. It made me feel special and that life is beautiful in every way. I just wish all the happiness to the person and lots of love ❣️

New Me With New Year?

Okay so 2019 is here…

Everyone’s excited about it.. but is there actually any difference ?

With the Same people in life, Same Routine, Same Chaos, I don’t actually feel much difference..

The only way I can feel different is through my thoughts..

Just thinking even won’t change anything… Thinking and implementing would do !! This year let’s try and make a better version of ourselves by letting go of the insecurities and moving in a direction which would help in bringing a new You .